I’m Kamil Ruczyński and I’m from Poland. The first serious interest in the computer is of course the hacking. The passion for Security has remained with me to this day. However, I started my professional career as a freelancer, working mainly on the implementation of templates and writing modifications, plugins for systems such as: WordPress, Magento, Prestashop. I made the first commercial project in 2009. I remember PHP from times when there was no namespace, no composer. I also wrote “from scratch” systems, but these were rather my own projects. The only thing that bored me during these few years of freelancing is writing clean HTML and CSS. Moving, setting elements isn’t my favorite thing.

I currently work as a Backend Developer, but I do not close myself to frontend technology, and even more, I like to write code for example in Vue.js. After working hours I constantly try to expand my knowledge and develop my own projects. Mainly I’m trying to focus on skills related to designing application architecture, modeling business logic and writing good quality code easy to maintain later. The further plan is the technologies to which I try not to attach, and every problem I start with matching the right tools to solve it. Programming is an inseparable part of my life.

Technologies, tools, systems, practices etc. which I use:

  • PHP, MySQL, Symfony, Zend, Doctrine, RabbitMQ
  • Javascript, jQuery, Vue.js, Express.js, Socket.io
  • Git, Webpack, Gulp
  • WordPress, Magento, Prestashop
  • Apache, Nginx
  • Linux, Vagrant, Docker
  • DDD, TDD, BDD, SOLID, CI/CD, Design patterns
  • Security

In my spare time:

  • book
  • movie
  • cycling
  • gym
  • football
  • mountains
  • CS:GO
  • CodinGame – programming for fun

I’m also interested in science, economics and artificial intelligence.